Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Grass hopper tennis

Grasshopper Tennis Sample

WALT: improve our small ball skills like catching, throwing, and hitting.

Description: We have been participating in a tennis programme with Big John (John Salisbury) from Tennis Manawatu. He has taught us some tennis skills that help with controlling and hitting the ball 
Why? To reflect on how we are going with the tennis skills we have learnt. We will share this during our Student Led Conference.
When? Week 8
Who? The World

Task: complete the rubric with targets to show your reflection. Make a comment to the questions below?

What are you most proud of and why?i am proud that I can hit the ball over the net very well.

What challenged you the most and Why?cutting the cheeses was challenging because we had a slim part the racket.

Next time, what is a goal you can work towards?i would try to pat the dog better.

Here is a photo of me at grass hopper tennis

Self-managing learners

This is my sheet i am a self-managing is what I have to work on pink is really good and it dosen't need anymore work and purple is ok and I need a little mor walk.i will work on everything that is green first then I will work on the purple one then I will have competed them all

Monday, 23 June 2014

States of matter

We did a sheet about the states of matter I think I could have done it a bit tidier and is a picture of the sheet i did.

Writers note book

WALT:collect ideas and exsperents 
We had to draw in our writers notebook about what some one did that was naughty or what you did

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Writing sample

How is heat different to temperature? Keep reading to find out...

What is heat?Heat is just simply hot energy.Not cold.Just hot.Like when someone says it's hot its just hot energy. For it to be hot it would have to be about 17 degrees I think so anyway. 

We did an experiment when you have to put your fingers in two cups with water in it and you have to put both your fingers in for thirty seconds at the same time one is hot and one is cold. You put your finger in there for thirty seconds at the same time.I put my fingers in and I realised that the atoms in your fingers are adapting to the same temperature as the hot water and my finger was all hot too by when the 30 seconds were up.So I have proved also takes a little bit of time for your whole body to get hot.

Temperature can be hot or cold.Like if someone is on the news is talking about the weather they will use the term "temperature"to describe what the city temperature will be.It will not always be hot or cold.its just like everything I talked about. Heat is hot temperature is hot or cold.

Temperature measures heat. like when you have a thermometer it measures temperature. if you orwhatever you measuring is hot or cold that's also why heat and temperature are two different things. For example I was making something and I needed to find out how hot the chocolate was I could measure it. It might be hot or cold but I am definitely measuring it.

I hope you learnt the difference between heat and temperature.This proves that heat and temperature are not the same things.

Writing Sample

WALT: inform

DESCRIPTION: Write an explanation about something you have learned about energy.

What? We are publishing a piece of writing.
Why?, To share on our blog and during our Student Led Conference.
When? Week 6
Who? The World
 Hope you liked it.leave a comment if there is any spelling mistakes or something wrong in my writing. 
Feedback/feed forward: Well done Bella! Your beginning really hooks the reader in. Maybe next time you could write a bit more about temperature!

Name:      Bella minnis
My explanation: how is heat and temperature different 

I comment:buddy comment:teacher comment:
state the main point in the first part of a each new paragraph
I think I did
Fine at that
But I could
Done a little
Bit better
I think you did all right
In stating the
Main point.
You have tried to start with main points for each body paragraph.
include evidence (facts, experiments etc) to support my main point
I think I did
Well and they
Very. Real
Facts and

I think you
Did well explaining the
Experiment and giving eviedence to support your ideas.
I really like your examples and how your writer’s voice and sense of humour is comning through in all types of writing.
explain the evidence and how it proves my main point
I think I did
 Okay I could
Have been a
Bit more clear
you did all right at explaing your eviedence  maybe try to expand on your evedence next time.You have tried to explain how/why your example proves your point - this is really tricky, well done.
Practise writing a linkingsentence to my next paragraph
I think I agree
With what my buddie said
you did well on this Bella, your good at staying on one topic a paragraph.Your ideas link in your paragraphs.A next step is linking between paragraphs.
infuse style: topic-specifc vocab, second/third person, present tense, transition words
It was good
I could
Have been
A bit better
At editing
you did awesome at use in these types of writing. -LiliGreat style. I wonder what other transition words. from the list you could use in an explanation?

Monday, 16 June 2014

Integrity sample

WALT: communicate a message with others. WALT: show integrity.

DESCRIPTION: We have been
learning about integrity.

  We want to share our understanding with others. What? Make a Puppet Pal to show our understanding of integrity. Why? To show what we know about integrity, to share during our Student Led Conference. When? Term 2, Week 1 - 7 Who? The World EVALUATION: (Comment directly on the success criteria. You need to add a comment or a target after each success criteria)

WALT: communicate a message with others.
Create a story board showing the beginning, middle and end of our message.i think we did good at at using the start middle and end thing but we could have been more clear on what we were doing and why.
Use Puppet Pals as a tool to share our message.yep that was good but next time I would probably use iMovie
Keep our audience engaged. I think we could make our voices louder though.
WALT: show integrity. Everyone in our group has contributed evenly. Integrity is the main theme of our message
feedback\feedforward: kylee(mum)...what an excellent example of using integrity. Awesome skills used to put together your puppet show. Well done Bella and the rest of her group.

This is our storyboard showing the start middle and end.i wasn't there to draw init because I was sick.

I think I am in the second to last circle because I was talking not clear enough.

I show integrity by helping others and making sure no one of my friends get hurt like at seed to table when my group was using a sharp knife I made sure they didn't cut themselves. 

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

science sample

WALT: show our understanding of how energy works.

DESCRIPTION: We have been learning about energy. To share our learning, we have made a video to explain how energy works.

 What? Make a video (no longer than 30 seconds) about our understanding of energy. i.e. States of matter, Potential and Kinetic energy, Newtons Cradle or forms of energy like Radiation, Convection, Conduction
Why? To show what we know about how energy works, to share during our Student Led Conference. When? Week 6
Who? The World

 Feedback: Great post Bella. You are a very steady camera person. I like how you used the materials to show your understanding. It helps your audience understand too.

I wonder if next time your group might take advantage of the voice over feature so that we can hear what you are saying easier.from ebony(teacher)

Sunday, 8 June 2014


WALT:rote learn 
Eels nearly eat raw gooey yaks 
Happy owls spit perfectly in trash another lap
Caterpillers yell calling like eels 
Eels X-Ray plain little antlers in nelson
Toys eat me peeling elephants rearly at the unicorn rainbow excitement  

We did some mnoemonics  mnoemonics help you to rember your spelling words they are sentences that have the same starting letters as the word for example the the hedgehog eats I hope after reading this post you under stand what a mnoemonics are!I think I did well being creative I think I am at the standard I wanted to be at.