Sunday, 28 June 2015

writing portfolio sample

Description:in writing with elly we have been working on conjunctions.i got this goal by going through my writing a ticking the things that I can do well and conjunctions was one I need to work on.I think I could get better at useing my conjunctions by really thinking anout and concentrate on it.the task was...We had a picture and we had to come up with a story thinking what haopened before that picture and after thet picture and also what is happening just then.A lot of planning went with it here it is

The bold writing is were there are conjunctions...

Feedback/feed forward: I think you did really well at hooking the reader in. Next time you could use proper punctuation and you could use some more interesting words.
Evaluation:I think I did well with my conjunctions beacause I really know what I am doing.I could work on thinking about it when I am writing a story so that I can make my story better.

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Et reo Maori

Every Monday well the others oare at Kapalua Haka we have been learning more at the moment we have been learning how to say wether we like the food or we don't in Maori.Me and Sophie have made a video showcasing what we have learned

Big idea:the task was we had to make a video showing that we could do what we were learning to be good at it you need to practise a lot so you don't forget it

Successes criteria/evaluation:
Speaking fluently:I think lots of practise helps with that and I think that I need to practise a little bit more to be as fluent as I am in English

Speaking clearly:knowing it really helps so just like speaking fluently you need to practise

Feedback/feed forward:I think you did really well but next time you should work on your pronounceation, but apart from that you were very good. Katie:)

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Maths portfolio sample

We have been doing maths with our maths teacher and my maths teacher is ELLY we have been discussing different strategies we could use  (e.g place value,rounding and comp,reverse ability and equal edition.

Here is all of the items with there prices and the questions
Big idea:we got a task and we have to answer four questions and there is a sheet and I a bunch of items with prices and we have to use them to anwser the questions
Q1:have a sum more than $550
Q2:have a difference between $40 and $50
Q3:have a sum of exactly $426
Q4:have a difference of $134
Here is my slide show of my answers and my strategies 
Feedback/feed forward:
Great Job Bella. I really like the way that you have explained what your task is in depth. I think that you could work on reversibility in the furture. Great job. Hannah
Reversibility:I think that reversibility is what I need to work on most because I haven't been useing it and I kinda forgotten what you need to know to use it. 
Place value:I use that one a lot so I practise it a lot and I find it easy because I always practise it 
Rounding and comp:it is like place value so if I can't do place value I will do rounding and comp because I also find that easy
Equal edition:that also like both of the other ones I find that really easy so I think I am good at it.


Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Science inquiry blue whales

In ebony's science we have been learning about biological adaptations and behavioural adaptations.Once we had finished learning about that we got to pick an animal and think of an I wonder why animal was a blue whale and my I wonder questions is why they have spouts to breath I made a presentation.Also the purpose is think like a science talk like a science and be like a it is...

Check it out on YouTube!
Comment in the comment your questions
Hope you enjoyed my slide show thanks for watching 

The criteria/evaluation :
Think like a scientist:I think I did well and to think like a scientist you need to really look at the detail in things
Talk like a scientist :you really need to think in your brain to talk like a scientist and I think I did well with that
Act like a scientist:doing experiments help to act like and to think out of the box so I think I did well with that  

Feedback/feed forward: I think you did a great job on your experiment and presentation. I think next time you could explain a bit more on your experiment.

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Reading portfolio sample 2015 term 2

HMy goal for reading is comprehension and in comprehension we have been working on visualising the text and making text to text,text to world and text to self connections.If you were doing a text to text connection you would get a sentence from the book you are reading and connect it to some text you have read that is nearly the same from a different book.A text to world connection is almost the same but you are connecting text you have read to something happening somewhere in the world right now.Text to self is as well almost the same you read some text and you connect it to something you have done before or something you have seen someone else do.
Success criteria and evaluation:
Text to self:I think that I am good at text to self because to do text to self you really need to read through it and really understand what you are reading.

Test to world :I think that I am okay at that but I could get better by always thinking about it when I am reading a story or book.

Text to text:same as text to self I think that I really need to know what I read with every book I read so I think I am good at that.

Re-read::if I don't under stand what I read I don't just move on i stay on it to re read so I think that I am good at that.

Cause and effect:I think making predictions can really help me with this one and thinking.

Comparisons and contrast:thinking of other words that would fit into that sentence.

Here is the one tic tac toe I chose to do for this post.I shows how to make connections and what a connection is.

Feed back/feed forward: Wow Bella you are a very good drawer and you explained it really well. I think you good improve on adding a bit more detail but other wise you did really well.-Sophie b