Monday, 26 October 2015

Letters to nishimura

We are doing a letter to kens  dad who is in an FBI prison 
Dear mr Nishimura 
How is it like in the FBI prison?back at home it was my birthday on Sunday and we had a you need us to send you anything else
From Bella Minnis

Sunday, 18 October 2015

Discovery time

Discovery time is free time to discover new thing it is also a chance to show I school vision.inspire creativity excellence and agency here is what I was doing 
Today I drew a picture with Sophie and filled all the gaps with patterns 
I showed creativity by thinking of what to draw and thinking of the patterns 
I showed agency by being on task and not being silly 
I showed excellence by always getting things how We wanted them to look
Next week I am going to continue on my drawing 

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Pre reading task

I am reading this land we called home here is why I picked it and my predictions 

Title:this land we call home
It sounded very mysterious because what land is it?it does not say what land it is or anything!
The blurb 
I think that the blurb sounded very mysterious because it says something is knocking on the door and we still don't know what was knocking on the door
The cover 
The cover really drawer me in beacause of the barb makes me look very mysterious and action packed 
I think it will be about the war and it might be a bit gruesome and it might be about Japanese because in the cover there is the Japanese native plant the cherry blossom tree.