Thursday, 24 September 2015

tic tac toe

todays tic tac toe was to create a news report about changing the colour of the bank notes.I was the interviewer and I interviewed a few people.In my opion I don't agree with changing them because why would we change them we could use it for lots more impotant thing in new zealand .They are fine how they are.

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Te Reo Maori

 Description: In class having been learning the maori body parts and we could choose to make a puppet pals, music video, movie and a poster. We had to work in a group I choose to work with Sophie and Zara. We made a poster on pic collage. We had to choose who would be our audience be our audience and we choose teenagers So here is our poster.
We have been learning Te Reo Maori body parts and we learnt a song of the body parts in Maori and we did a poster first we wrote a person then we labeled it with body parts we found on the Internet and ones we knew this poster was for if we forgot we could look back at it to refresh our selves

Feedback/feed forward: I think that you did good and you added the song witch
Is good. I think that you could use a person to show the body parts 

Evaluation:I tham know I did well it was really hard to remember them and I still need to work on a few of the words but I will get there


This is my piece of writing about A guy who set a record from a high dam he shot a basketball into the hoop down below and got it in
Tony was at home sitting on the couch with his friend jeff when tony said"I want to make world record" "well"jeff said "what are you good at" "I guess I am kinda good at basketball"so tony and jeff spent all night researching and thinking of something they could do with basketball when jeff had a great idea!"we should through a basket ball of a dam and try to get it into the basket down below but the dam has to be tall! No one has beaten the world record that bob did but you could be the first.""well let's start training. But first I'm really tired so let's just go to sleep and do it in the they went to sleep and in the morning they woke up early and went outside to practise some basketball and he got in every single shot"I'm not sure I can do this" said tony.""with practise you can do anything"it took the, many moons to finally be ready for the big felt as if he was flying he was so high up.tony's heart was beating so fast like never before."this is it"he says"the day has come"you can do this tony"says jeff "there are thousands of people standing watching including the world record people.this was it the time has come the crowd silent.every thing went slow  motion he lined up the ball he shoots it seems to take ages for it to get to the hoop but it finally hit the hoop and it got in.the news broadcasters went crazy the crowd cheered louder then ever . tony had set a world record!

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Maths portfolio sample

In maths time we have been working on our divided by and times tables in our workshop we have been working on hard questions and figuring out the asset by using our statigies.

Image:this is splitting 
This is the box method
Evaluation :
I think that I am very confident with the strange but then when we are coming to the end I don't know what to do with what I got and I also think I couldn't do the 1,000's so I need to work on it to get to 
that stage.

Feedback/feed forward:
Wow Bella good job! I think you are heading in the right track. You are a very good leaner. You are getting very good with this startergy I bet Elly and your perants will be very proud of you. I like how you have written  the different strategies we have done. Good work! Sophie W