Thursday, 31 March 2016

Sharing My Learning With Lucy

Today 40 people from Massey university came to see our school and see how we learn.The school ambassadors showed them round and then the teachers  got some students to show there own learning.I showed Lucy my blog and all the things we have been learning.I shared things like our I statement videos and our Camp El Racho are a few photos of us ...

Tuesday, 29 March 2016

El Rancho Camp Story portfolio sample 2016

Description:In poutama we have been writing about our 2016 camp El Rancho.It was great! DISCLAIMER: don't in any way think that El Rancho is not a good camp after reading this writing.
The first thing we did to get this writing was jog our memory by putting it on my writers notebook.The next thing we did was think about P.I.E.S (p for persuade,i for inform,e for Entertain and s for self) I chose entertain because I wanted to entertain people because maybe I might want to write entertaining story's when I get older.Here is my story about camp...

Wow Bella your story is amazing next time you could try add more emotion to your story really make the reader cry laugh or even dance but that is all I could see, you are a talented writer and you might have a future as a author.
- Tabitha C

Evaluation: I think I did really well and my story flows well but I do agree with Tabitha I could add some more emotion. because it is a little bit dull.

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Using I statement

In poutama we have been learning about I statements .A I statements is a good way to tell someone how you feel  so they know . Like if they are hurting your feelings or something like that.Here are the sentence starters for an I statement I feel.. because... I need..
here is our example of a good and bad way of solving a problem

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Family Tree Portfolio Post

Description: In poutama we have been learning about our family tree and the maori names for Mum and Dad and all of our family. First we made a draft and found out about our family then we started thinking about our presentation. Here is my presentation of my very short family tree with the maori names...
Big Idea: I went home and learnt a lot about my family and were we come from. I also learnt a lot about the maori names for mums dads sisters and lots more!
 Feedback\Feed-forward: I like the way you  have done a poster but next  time could make it tidier.
                                                                     - Charlotte H
Evaluation: I think I could have gone home and learnt a little bit more about my extended family. It could also be a little bit tidier and easier to read.

Sunday, 13 March 2016

maori family tree!

In poutama we have been learning about our family tree.and the maori names for mum and dad and all of our is my presentation of my very short family tree with the names...

El Rancho camp 2016 portfolio post

description: On the 8th to the 11th of march the pupils in poutama were on camp at El Rancho in Waikenae. At camp there was 10 activity's including Pool,Archery.Mini golf,Water slide,Rifles,Horses,Low ropes ,kayaks,Rafts and team initiatives.My favorite activity was Archery.I got the ball. Which is a ball in between the targets that barely anyone gets and I got the bulls eye twice!

There were different cabins .There was Poplar,Oregon and willow.I was in poplar.I had a great group that was nice and tidy we actually won the tidiest cabin.

the meals we had were nice one of the meals had hard rice.For breakfast we had normal cereals and toast.For lunch we had stuff like hot dogs.We had to get up at 7:30 and got to bed at 8:30 but one night we played spotlight and roasted marshmallows!

Every time we got to camp your activity group does a skit.My activity group skit was El Ranchos got talent!I dressed up as a boy named bill.On the last night we showed off our skits at a camp concert.Were our parents are allowed to come.

here is a evaluation of each day and a full evaluation.

image:                                                    El Rancho camp sign 2016:

 day one of El Rancho camp 2016:

 day two El Rancho camp 2016 :
day three El Rancho camp 2016:
Day four of El rancho camp 2016:

evaluation of El Rancho camp 2016

here is the slide show of our timetable ...

Sunday, 6 March 2016

Bella and Lelia

In buddy class we have got some new buddies and my buddy is Lelia.We got a task to create a presentation about our diffrences and our things that are the same about us.  Lelia and I made a poster...

Thursday, 3 March 2016

1 word Portfolio sample 2016

Description: In Poutama we have been doing some one word art.One word art is our one word we want to strive toward this year.The first thing we did to achieve this art is choosing our 1 word.I chose leadership because I am a house leader and I am a road patroller and a senior so I really need to step up in my leadership. The second thing we did was share it with twitter and tell them what our 1 word is and why. The third thing we did was Elly took a photo of us pretending to hold a sign. Elly printed them out and we measured how big our signs needed to be to fit in our hands.Then we started our draft signs remembering to add things about our selves and using clever lettering. We did the drafts in our writers note books. We then started our real copies. Once we were done we stuck them on. The photos are now hanging up in p4.
Feedback/Feed forward: Nice job Bella next time you should think about lining up your letters so they are not so wonky. 
- Tabitha

Evaluation: Thank you Tabs. I agree that I should line my letters up a bit more I also think that next time I could relate my letters a bit more to leader ship.But I really like the cloud I have above the leadership word.I think that it will challenge me because sometimes I can mistake leadership for being a bit bossy. I  think that being a house leader is really going to help me in being a better leader.

camp goals

Camp is coming up soon! So we have set our own goals. 1 around social and one around out door activies here are my goals...