Tuesday, 12 April 2016

SLCT1 reflection

We had our student led conferences on Thursday we have done an honest reflection in our think book.There are highlights,challenges and more!

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

S.T.A.R test results

In poutama we have been doing our star test.A star test is when we have a test on our reading there are 4 compartments. the  4 compartments are  word recognition, sentence comprehension ,paragraph comprehension and vocabulary.I got a stanine 9.A stanaine is basically a number showing how well you did.like if you are under 5 you need a little bit more work.If you are over five you are doing pretty well.I got 10 right in word rec,I got 10 in sentence compo,i got 19 in paragraph compo and 10 in vocab.The most you can get in the first two compartments and the last one is 10 and the most you can get in the sentence comp is 20!I got a 49/50!