Thursday, 25 February 2016

active busy and me too listening

In Poutama we have been learning about things around active listening and the other types of listening.We were then given the task to create a thirty second video with three people.I did a video with Max Hannan and Zoey Trask.We have given example of active listening,( listening well ),me too listening (interrupting and talking about what you did instead of listening to them),busy listening(when you are doing something else instead of listening).Here is our video...

Max,Zoey and I learnt about all the diffrent types of listeners and about how we can improve on our own is a video we watched that inspired us to create these videos.It is about listening and about what  is a good way to listen and what is a bad way to listen and some other things too...

I think you should speak a bit louder and be more confident in front of the camera but you did really well and the message was really clear
- Tabitha

Evaluation: I think that we did really well especially with the time frame.I think i could get better at speaking a bit louder.
i think i am a little bit of a busy listener and i could get better at paying a bit more attention and looking at them all the time.I think in our video we could explain a bit more about what is type of listening is.

Thursday, 18 February 2016

treaty of watangi

Description: In Poutama we have been learning about the treaty of Waitangi because Waitangi day just a few days ago.The first thing we did was we watched a video about the treaty of waitangi.Then we thought of some questions that we wanted to know ,then we made a circle map and researched ,then we thought of a way we could.The poutama teachers showed us a graph that had stages we were on and what you had to do to be on that stage.
Here is the graph we thought we were multi.
Here is tabitha and my poster explaining the treaty of waitangi
Big idea: Tabitha and I learnt about people like James Busby   Lord Normanby (Colonial Secretary) and William Hobson (he sailed to New Zealand).They were all people that were a big part of finding New Zealand.

How did the British find out about New Zealand?
James cook found New Zealand. Abel Tasman was the first to sight new Zealand.

Feedback/Feed forward: I think you've done a good job at using lots of detail without making it boring. Next time you could strive for relational and connect the facts you've found.- Aria

Evaluation:I think that we did well but we could add a bit more to the part at the bottom that says about when we had a treaty in our class and that that may have taken us to relational.

The poutama teachers showed us a graph that had stages we were on and what you had to do to be on that stage. 
Here is the graph we thought we were multi because we have lots of facts but we could add a bit more of a connection to everyday life.

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

15 cards

15 card is a maths game
Here is our ones to prove there is only 2 diffrent ways you can do it

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

waitangi day questions

In poutama we have been learning about Waitangi day.Waitangi day is the day the first Maori people on new zealand signed the treaty.Here are a few of my questions i had about the treaty

Waitangi day questions

here is a link to a video explaining waitangi day:

  1. why did the Europeans want to take over all of new Zealand?

  1. did they know what they were signing?

  1. was the draft treated the same is the treaty that they confirmed or was it different?
  1. why did they come to new Zealand ?

  1. why did the Europeans want to buy all of the land?

  1. why is there so much controversy over it?

  1. why did they all agree to sell their land?

  1. how did Europe discover new Zealand?

  1. do they still have the treaty now ?

10.  if they do have treaty now is it in really bad condition and who has it?

11.  why did the maori sign a treaty that they didn’t really understand?

Monday, 1 February 2016

My 1 Word 2016

W.A.L.T: setting goals

Description :In class we were told we had to think a goal for 2016 in one world almost like a new years resolution but in one word.My one word is leadership.I chose this as my one word because at school I am a house leader I am on the road patrol team and a senior .Which  means I really need to step up in my leadership this year!and that is how my goal will help me.