Monday, 30 May 2016


Our task in writing this week was to draw a picture of a sunset.This is the sunset I chose to draw. here it is!.....

Sunday, 29 May 2016


description:In maths in poutama we have been doing maths tests I did the stage 6 maths test.I did the same test last year and got 14% then I practiced,practiced and practiced to get higher and better score!to get on to the next stage you need to get 80%.In this terms test I got 40% which is a huge improvement so I am happy here is a picture of my test!

evaluation:I think I did well and i am proud of myself but next time I could practice at home a bit more so I can get a bit higher of a score but I think all the practice i have been doing at school is great and I just need to continue it at home!

feedback/feed forward:Wow Bella you have improved by a lot so that means you have been practicing and you are working hard at home well done.-Sophie  


Here is a metaphor sentence that I have done in my independent time.A metaphor is a sentence comparing to things together
This is my sentence
the snow is a white blanket


Last week all of troy's whanua class have been doing seed-to-table.We will be doing it for the next 3 weeks.Last week we did minestrone soup with Focaccia  bread and for dessert we had self sauce and pudding.
The next week we had corn fritter and for dessert we had apple crumble
The next week we had spaghetti and meatballs and for dessert we had dutch pear and apple tarts

 for science we are trying to figure out away to manipulate plants into growing in winter and we have chose to change one thing in the way they grow.So what we are doing is keeping  the pots they grow in the same the place the grow the same how many seeds go in each pot and what type of seeds go in it and lastly we are keeping how much water we pt in there the same.The thing we will be changing is the temperature of the water.I am working with Tabitha,Zara and Libby

here is our slide...

evaluation :I think cooking was really fun there wasn't one meal i did not like.I thought science was great but as you can see in the slide our plants have not made much progress!

Monday, 23 May 2016


In maths with Troy we have been learning about fractions things like improper fractions and + fraction with the same and different denominators together.We have had a doc for it with different links so we can practice them and figure out what we need to work on.This our last ever task for fractions  we will be moving on!the task was...
Here is my working!...
evaluation.I think I did well BUT I went straight to a teacher when I could not get it which means I do not know it fully!And I still need to work on it to make it more clear.

feedback/feed forward:
Good job Bella I think that you did really well with working it out and I like how you didn't get stuck and you went and asked a teacher for help.
-Sophie Brown 


TITLE: skimming and scanning

WALT: create criteria to evaluate sources


A good source:
-has a good reputation, be from a trusted expert
-not ask you for private information or have virus warnings
-contain the keywords/information you are looking for

I got 10/10 of my answers correct!

Skill 2:
TITLE: Summarising
WALT: Persist to find information to gain a wider perspective

I would not want to be sir Francis Drake because...

Skill 3:
TITLE: Questioning
WALT: frame and refine effective search questions

Skill 4:
TITLE: Notetaking
WALT: Organize our notes to make connections and find gaps
EVIDENCE:will be up soon

feedback/feed forward:Nice job Bella you have done an amazing job at gathering info next time you could work on your questioning only because it looks like you struggled a little bit because it is not very full!
- Tabitha C

evaluation: Bookapedia this term has been so fun because I have grown as a reader as in not just reading of a piece of paper but summarizing,note taking and writing because before Bookapedia I did not even know what some of them were! Next time I could work on my questioning I can tell because my question matrix is not nearly full!


Today my writing task is to create a sentence using a metaphor see my last post for details on what a metaphor is!    this is my complex sentence
As I got out of the car onto the soft silky sand I heard the waves "crsshhh"on the shore

Sunday, 22 May 2016

Weather science inquiry sample 2016

In troy's inquiry we learnt about the weather.My inquiry question was why is each season different?Tabitha and I searched it up in many different websites and found out that the earth rotates closer to the sun every season.Then we went on weather wizz kids and found an experiment.Thee were none there that were really to realated to the topic but I chose this one 

The experiment is called make dew and frost what you do is in one tin you put crushed ice and water.In another you put crushed ice and salt one has dew and one has frost the one with dew is the one that has the icy stuff around it that doesn't rub off the other one which has frost has drops of water on is a picture of me doing the experiment!

feedback\feed forward:
I think you did a really good job you should be happy with your experiment, I can't see anything wrong with it.

evaluation:I think that I have done well in weather and found out a lot I am sad I was not here on Friday to see all the experiments.But at least I did mine.I think I could have made it a bit more related to what I was doing and I am still not quiet sure about why each season is different?

Tuesday, 17 May 2016


Today I worked on ordering fraction with the same denominator.Here is the website I did it on if you would like to try it yourself! Here is the quiz I did these are the results...

I think I was alright but this my first time working on it and I still need to improve!

Monday, 16 May 2016

Equivalent Fractions!

In my workshop with Troy and Scott we learnt about equivalent fraction.A equivalent fraction is when one fraction is the same as another fraction!for example 4/8 = 1/2.with any fraction all you need to do is x the number you are trying to get an equivalent fraction with and the top number and  you will get
your equivalent are my equivalent fraction for 1/7...

metaphor writing

description:in my independent time i practiced my writing today's task was to create a sentence using a metaphor.If you don't know what a metaphor is than it is a sound that something makes that you add into a sentence!here is my sentence...'I was at my family farm when i heard the lambs 'BAHHHHHH' in the paddocks which gave me a enormous fright!'

science weather!

Description:In science we have been learning about weather and all the different clouds and how to measure the weather.We made a home made barometer  it measure the air pressure at the back it has a piece of paper with the markings low and high.If it is high that means it is warm if it is low it is cold.The barometer measures low today.every day we take a photo to see what the clouds are like here is the slide

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

maths with oranges!

today for maths i did it out of the book.The questions were.. many oranges would each person get if seven oranges were shared between 2 people many oranges would each person get if 3 oranges were shared with 4 people
Evaluation:I think for me it was quite easy and I need something that will challenge me a bit more

spelling sample 2016

Last week in poutama we did a spelling test. We were being tested on the 300 essential words we need to know. The teachers asked us a question and then following that they put a sentence showing in what sentence you would use the word in. For example there. There are different ways you could spell that like there or their. I got on wrong and the one that I got wrong was "their" I spelt  it there but it was actually their but I know how to spell both of those words. Here is a picture of it...

Monday, 9 May 2016

writing workshop

In my first writing workshop for this term we looked at a sentence and found away we could re craft it to be better.My sentence was somewhere near us a cat meowed,long and loud,like a sad sad cat!
I think i did well but my sentence was a bit to close to the original sentence


today at maths i redid the test to see if i knew them here are the results...

Sunday, 8 May 2016


A few day ago we did a handwriting 'test' .The Teachers gave us a poem and five minutes to write the Poem exactly like it actually looks.Then we got some white boards and on one we put a number 1 on another we 2 and so on up to 4.1 meant you thought your handwriting was horrible 4 was you thought i was amazing and in between was medium.There were lots of different categories like fast legible and accurate Here is a picture of my handwriting...
evaluation:I put myself in 3 for accurate and then the whole class went through all of our decisions and they judged whether they thought  we were being to hard on ourselves or if they agreed. everyone agreed that mine was a 4 so they changed it.I think i am a three for fast because i did not have any time to spare.I think i was a 4 for legible because you can read it all . that means that i do not need to work on my handwriting in my independent time

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Maths today!

today I am still working on my picture and in the photo you can tell I have asked for help and got it a bit more of the answers correct... 

maths today

Today I started a new quiz about mixed fractions and i think that should be my goal in my independent work!

Monday, 2 May 2016

graffiti art with Chris!

Troy was sick one day so we had a reliever called Chris he did some art with us.He called it graffiti art.
Here are the steps we took. some videos of graffiti artists to inspire us
2.Nail the letters.We had to practice lots to get our letters looking great.
3.Think about what we wanted our art to say the example on the tv said sage.I chose bee because it can be short for Bella
4.then we drew.we made it 3-d and then we shaded that in with a black pastel
5.then we came up with the designs and color.
6.we painted
7.we let them try and they turned out like this...
evaluation:I think my letters look great but I kinda ruined it by going to fast with the drawing and painting!But I really like how I made it nice and big so there is not to much of a back round and people focus on the letters and the graffiti.

Maths Today

Today i was practicing proper and improper fractions.I think i need to work on + my fractions.

Sunday, 1 May 2016

The new maths we have started in MATHS!!!

Today I learnt about proper and improper fractions(A improper fraction is when the top number is bigger than the bottom number in a fraction!)Here is a picture of the test i did i still need to work on it though to get a full understanding

starting my labels!

i am starting my new labels for the evidence  of learning.